Thursday, 30 January 2014

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Friday, 3 January 2014

10 safety precautions parents should take while selecting baby toys

10 safety precautions parents should take while selecting baby toys:-

Baby Toys are most important part of the child’s development and hence parents should consider selecting the baby toys very carefully. In a toy store there are many verities of toys for girls and boys where parents can them self inspect the toy before purchasing, but while purchasing from an online store the below given points should be taken into consideration. Most importantly it should be checked that the manufacturer follows guidelines and label new baby toys for specific age groups (boys & girls). The U.S. consumer Product safety commission (CPSC) are monitoring and regulating toys. Any imported toys must comply with the consumer product safety commission standard.

Following safety precaution while selecting baby toys:-
  1. While purchasing toys always read toys information and make sure a boy and girl toy is appropriate for a child age. And make sure these toys made by New York CPSC standard.
  2. Avoid the small scaled toys like Marbles, coins and small balls because they can become lodged in the throat above the windpipe and restrict berating.
  3. Batteries and battery fluid pose serious risks, including choking and chemical burns. Battery operated toys purchase very carefully.
  4. Check the manufacturer recommendation while choosing the baby riding toys because most of the riding toys are made according to children’s ages.
  5. Baby Toys should be washable.
  6. Only fabric toys should be purchased. Metal baby toys having pointy edges often injure kids.
  7. Baby Toys art material should nontoxic. While playing the baby’s have tendency to put the toys in the mouth. hence precaution must be taken that babies cant diffrentiate between toxic and non toxic toys.
  8. Painted kid toys should be covered with lead-paint as it is non toxic.
  9. Make sure your baby is physically ready to the use this toys. Example parents of older kids may buy a bike one size too big so as not to buy a new bike the next year. This tactic can lead to serious injury if a child doesn’t have the physical skill to control the bigger bike.
  10. Don’t purchase heavy baby toys because your child may suffer some injuries while playing.
After you have brought safe baby toys, it’s also important to make sure your kids know how to handle them. The best way to do this is by supervising play. If your kids don’t know how to handle them, teach them how to play safely while having fun.